The Best Creatine Supplements – 5 Benefits of Using Creatine

What Are Creatine Supplements?

Creatine is one of the most popular supplements in the world for mass gain and sports performance.
So why is Creatine such a hit with gym goers and athletes around the world?  Because it works!!! There have been thousands of studies done on Creatine and all of them prove the effectiveness of Creatine for mass gain and sports performance.

Creatine is a nitrogenous acid discovered in 1832 that facilitates the supply of energy to all cells in the body. The acid also occurs naturally in vertebrates. In the human body, it is produced in the kidney and liver and moved through the blood to be utilized by the muscles. It is also obtained from foods rich in proteins with the chief source being mainly fish and red meat. Creatine supplements are manufactured acid products that facilitate high-intensity athletic performance.



Why Use Creatine Supplements?

Creatine is recognized for its ability to enhance strength, power, and endurance.  Many consider Creatine supplements to be one of the best enhancements an athlete can take.


Top 5 Benefits of Using a Creatine Supplement

    1. Build more muscle mass with increased muscle intensity during workouts.  By doing more weight at a higher intensity you WILL see major muscle gains.  This is the primary reason Creatine is so popular among weight lifters and athletes.


    1. Enhanced sports performance due to better muscular contractions. Creatine allows you to push harder for longer periods of time during workouts or sports.


    1. Train at a higher frequency which equates to quicker and more dynamic muscular gains. Creatine increases the recovery rate of muscle cells witch allows for more frequent muscle stimulation.  This means faster muscle growth as long as you have ample rest time between workouts.


    1. More motivation to train harder due to the huge muscle pumps.  Creatine causes a higher level of water retention in the body which causes the large muscle pumps.  This may not be actual muscle growth but it will do wonders to the psyche and provide you with the motivation to keep pushing.


    1. Increased metabolic rate which means you will burn more calories during the day.  Sprinting is one of the best was to boost your metabolic rate.  Creatine will help supply the fuel needed and allow you to have better performance when sprinting.


When taking Creatine it is best to start with a loading phase.  This consist of taking 5 grams of Creatine 4 to 6 times per day for up to 7 days.  After that the recommended dose is 5 grams just before your workout and another 5 grams within 30 minutes after your workout.  This will provide the most amount of gains in the shortest amount of time.  It’s also best to take Creatine with a sports drink or handful of gummy bears.  This will help transport the Creatine into the muscle cells.

If you are interested in giving Creatine a try consider Muscle Advance Creatine.  With Muscle Advance Creatine you get 4500 MG of Creatine in every serving.  Ready to push harder in the gym or on the track than ever before?  Are you ready to get huge muscle pumps and major muscle gains?

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